A Special Relationship – The Tulip Tour 2012

Tony Dunham

My friend an respected colleague on stage, the wonderful and very English Mr. Tony Dunham is coming to my hometown Arnhem to show his great and wonderfunny wordclash with Andy Valvur from the westcoast of big America.

An honour for me to create poster, flyer and invitations for this Tulip Tour 2012 and bring the public to

Theater Het Hof

which is one of the nicest theaters in The LowLands. Have a look!

I have some rights of memory in this kingdom,
Which now to claim my vantage doth invite me.

Shakespeare, Hamlet, Act V, Fortinbras

Gentleman actor, wit and bon viveur, Mr. Tony Dunham, respectfully requests the pleasure of your presence at the forthcoming theatrical highlight of the Arnhem artistic year, A Special Relationship, a sophisticated comedy investigating and analysing the wondrous and varied differences between the United Kingdom and the United States of America. To single out any particular moment of this joyous event would be to risk emphasising one section more than another but one rarely has the opportunity to be able to observe the British ceremony of Tea Time at full length and in glorious 3D. Mr. Dunham will also be on hand after the show to explain any questions regarding etiquette.

American stand-up comic and all-round nice guy, Andy Valvur, says „Get on down to the Theater Het Hof in May to have a great time laughing at the differences between American and British culture, art, women and, hell, anything else that we decide to talk about. We’ve got a great show waiting for you full of comedy, sport and even perhaps a guest appearance by the delightful Samantha, who helps my English buddy Tony squeeze into his various costumes during the evening. Come on down, sit back, kick your shoes off and make yourself comfortable”. A Special Relationship – much funnier than CSI.

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